Who We Are

Providing Energy for Generations

Since 2006, we have worked together to create a world class joint venture development team and produce offshore and onshore facilities of the highest quality. We continue to work together with Qatargas to provide technical support through our secondees who have been actively transferring technical and managerial knowledge, and best practices and lessons learned from the ConocoPhillips worldwide operations to help Qatargas achieve its vision of becoming the world’s premier LNG Company.

Additional support comes from our Global Water Sustainability Center (GWSC) at the Qatar Science and Technology Park. At the initial stages of our operations in Qatar, GWSC provided valuable assistance by analysing the concentrations of chemicals added in the field for preventing corrosion and hydrate formation in the pipelines and also helped in evaluating fluid scaling issues and generating solutions. The GWSC continues to support Qatargas today through produced water analysis and research into effective methods for dealing with water treatment and chemical removal. Through the GWSC and our secondees, ConocoPhillips will continue to strive to make all of the Qatargas operations as efficient and reliable as they can possibly be.